Micro-Manage A Party Of Heroes In The Legend of Matsuhime


Side-scrolling RPG The Legend of Matsuhime, made by Yu Chang Su, has you manage a team of unlikely companions as they battle hordes of monsters and complete various quests.


The Japanese mobile game gives players the ability to manage a team of four characters as they go on personal quests through many levels. There are a number of different characters that can join your little team of four, with each one having his or her own special abilities. There are tanky characters, archers, healers, wizards… the list goes on.


The tricky part is finding a combination that can function well in combat.


Combat in The Legend of Matsuhime is fast-paced and fairly simple. For the most part, your party members can implement a basic attack on their own. However, each party member also has two unique attacks that the player has to tap to use. These will use up either action points or magic points, so they should to be used cautiously.


Each character can also use different pieces of equipment, which are dropped by enemies. Armor, weapons, and power-ups can be switched out, giving party members different stat bonuses. Some weapons might allow for health steal capabilities, while some armors will boost defense or magic point recovery. It’s up to the player to choose which skills he or she wants the characters to have.


The Legend of Matsuhime is very fast-paced, with levels only lasting a few minutes maximum. More of a casual action RPG than a lengthy hardcore RPG, the game can be played in small increments during the day.


The Legend of Matsuhime is currently available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.