Microsoft Clarifies Xbox Live Rebrand to Xbox Network

Xbox Live Network

In a previous report, it was revealed that Microsoft would be changing its Xbox Live service alongside its rebranding to Xbox Network. However, Microsoft has released a statement, clarifying that none of the subscription based services would be changing in any significant way under the rebrand. This clarification has come in response to the initial report from Eurogamer, which has now provided clarity on what will and will not be changed with this update. [Thanks, Eurogamer!]

Microsoft has stated that the rebranding from Xbox Live to Xbox Network is more reflective of the description of the actual service. Ultimately, Microsoft is aiming for a “simpler” and “descriptive” title that better reflects its services. Microsoft reiterated again that nothing regarding the Xbox Live service, or any subscription based service, will change.

In January 2021, clarification regarding previous acquisition rumors came to light. This included the speculated Microsoft Nintendo acquisition. The report also detailed Microsoft’s meeting with Square, and how the potential acquisition had fallen through, largely because not enough money was offered to the company at the time.

Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo partnered up in December 2020 to create an initiative that would ensure safer online gaming online. The three companies previously outlined these pillars, which would attempt to foster a better environment for players.

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