Nintendo Switch

Microsoft Explains Why Minecraft’s Switch Version Stays The Same Resolution Docked/Undocked



Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition launched for the Switch less than a week ago, and many have already noted something about the game’s resolution. When it comes to the Switch, many of its available titles play at 720p when in handheld mode and switch to 1080p when the system is docked. However, the Switch edition of Minecraft does not change to 1080 when docked, but stays at 720p.


Microsoft has come forth to explain the reason behind this. Speaking to Time magazine, the company noted that “Minecraft’s 720p docked/undocked resolution isn’t a question of system power, but stems from issues currently experienced shifting from one resolution to the other when docking/undocking.”


Furthermore, Microsoft went on to entertain the possibility of the game reaching 1080p while docked sometime in the future, saying the following:


“It’s possible, albeit not confirmed, that Minecraft for Switch could hit 1080p docked down the road.”


Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition is available for the Nintendo Switch.