MidBoss Makes Monster-Possessing Life Easier With A New Update


MidBoss is looking to make life a little easier for players who may not be skilled at roguelikes, adding a Narrative Mode that offers infinite lives and other bonuses to help see players all the way through the game.


Narrative Mode, which has arrived with the most recent update, gives players infinite respawns and some powerful buffs that will help them see all of the game’s content regardless of their skill level at roguelikes. For skilled players who want something new, new hazard buffs for New Game +, as well as a handful of other game length options have been added to increase challenge to the player’s chosen level.

The update also makes some handy changes to the game’s inventory system, allowing players to expand the space they have, stack tomes and potions, salvage items into scrap for later sale, favorite items to keep from accidentally selling/scrapping them, and place them on a shortcut bar for easy access. It also allows players to throw potions at enemies rather than use them on their own character, allowing them to be used as weapons (or potentially benefitting enemies accidentally).


The update adds further improvements by adding fast travel, new weapon effects that can cause poison or burns, quicker combat animations to speed up battle, and a discoverable item that unlocks a  much older version of Midboss to play within the game.

Midboss is a turn-based roguelike where players control a monster-possessing imp who is looking to become the last boss of a dungeon. To do so, players will have to possess steadily stronger monsters, using them to weaken other beasts for players to control, working their way up the ladder of creatures until they can become the top boss.


MidBoss is available now on Steam, Humble Bundle, and

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!