Nintendo 3DS

Mighty Gunvolt Video Shows Some Of Its Retro-Style Action



We recently got a first look at a new Nintendo 3DS collaboration project, Mighty Gunvolt, with characters from Mighty No. 9, Azure Striker Gunvolt, and Galgun. Inti Creates shared a glimpse of the NES-style 2D side-scrolling game in action in their latest video.



The video starts out with Keiji Inafune giving a brief introduction about Azure Striker Gunvolt, as an homage to old-school Japanese 2D side-scrolling action games, and gives us a look at its latest trailer.


The video footage explains a bit about the story of the game, followed by a look at Gunvolt and his moves, along with a look at some of his friends. At the 1:52 mark, they show off some more of Gunvolt’s friends and the game’s main villains. Then, At 3:40, Inafune makes another appearance to talk about the recently announced Mighty Gunvolt.


Mighty Gunvolt is a bonus title that is available for free to those that purchase Azure Striker Gunvolt prior to November 19, 2014, in Japan.


Inafune explains that Mighty Gunvolt is a game with the taste of the nostalgic 8-bit-style action games from the ‘80s, and gives us a first look at it in action at the 4:26 mark, where we get to see the three heroes, all of whom all have their own unique characteristics.


Gunvolt looks like he’ll put his electrifying abilities to use, while Galgun’s Ekoro has a lock-on shot that can charm enemies to turn them into allies. We don’t get to see much from Mighty No. 9 protagonist Beck, but it looks like he’ll play similarly to the NES-era Mega Man.


Mighty Gunvolt is currently available for free in Japan for those who purchased Azure Striker Gunvolt until November 19, 2014. Inti Creates have yet to announce it for the west, but we’ll likely hear about it soon as North America’s launch date of August 29 approaches.

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