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Mighty Switch Force Collection Will Head To The PlayStation 4 On July 25, 2019 (Update)


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The PlayStation 4 is going to get a definitive Mighty Switch Force! release. WayForward has revealed Mighty Switch Force! Collection for the PlayStation 4, via the PlayStation Blog. This collection will give people the original game, its updated rerelease, the sequel, and the former PC exclusive on July 25, 2019. Update: It will also appear on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC, according to this tweet.


Mighty Switch Force! is a puzzle game where players help Officer Patricia Wagon round up Planet Land’s Hooligan Sisters. These criminals have unleashed monsters upon the city, and players must go through levels collecting each one. They tend to be hidden in situations that require you to use Officer Wagon’s Siren Helmet to choose which blocks appear or disappear. It showed up on the Nintendo 3DS. The updated version also included in this collection, Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition, has HD art, Hyper versions of levels, and more songs. It appeared on the Nintendo Wii U and PC.


Mighty Switch Force! 2 takes place after the Hooligan Sisters have reformed. A massive fire has hit Planet Land, and Officer Wagon is helping the Galactic Fire Brigade put out the flames. She now has an Infinity Dowsing Apparatus that lets you put out fires while you go through levels and save the sisters. It was originally on the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U.


Finally, Mighty Switch Force! Academy is a prequel that originally appeared on PCs. This prequel has Cadet Wagon trying to become a police officer. However, the 20 training stages at Planet Land Police Academy have gone wrong, and it is up to her to face off against virtual versions of the Hooligan Sisters and prove her skills. Between one and four people can play, and there are also five “classic” stages.


Here is the Mighty Switch Force! Collection trailer.



Mighty Switch Force! Collection will come to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on July 25, 2019.

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