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MiHoYo Adds Genshin Impact Calculator Tool

Genshin Impact Calculator

A key aspect of many RPGs is leveling up and character progression. Genshin Impact is no exception to this, and most of its characters require a surfeit of materials and Mora to unlock their strongest potential. Developer miHoYo is making that process a little more transparent with its new Genshin Impact Enhancement Progression Calculator tool. The tool is located on the HoYoLab community site, and was announced via Twitter and an in-game news post.

The Genshin Impact Calculator is a web-based tool that allows players to see how many resources they’ll need to enhance their characters, weapons, and artifacts. Players select what they wish to see, enter the current and target levels, and hit the “Total Amount Required” button. The result is an instant summary of what they’ll need to get to the desired level.

For example, leveling Arataki Itto from Level 1 to the maximum level will cost 168 Onikabuto beetles, 419 Hero’s Wits, 84 drops from Slimes, 25 Prithiva Topaz stones of varying rarity, 46 Riftborn Regalia from the Golden Wolflord boss, and 2,092,530 Mora. Then, players looking for those items can locate them in Teyvat through the Genshin Impact Interactive Map.

Players can also use the Genshin Impact Calculator to filter characters by weapon type and element, as well as calculate requirements for talent leveling. Players can filter weapons by type and rarity, and artifacts by set and rarity.

Genshin Impact is immediately available on PS4, PS5, PC, Android, and iOS.

Josh Tolentino
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