Miitomo’s Next Update Adds Mexico, South Africa, Switzerland, and Star Accounts


9a8e1c8c-b4fc-4374-a0fe-92cceb304ecf People keeping up with Miitomo received an update on June 26, 2016. Nintendo offered a glimpse at things to come for the social networking app. The biggest addition is the inclusion of three new regions. People in Mexico, South Africa, and Switzerland will be able to create Miis and socialize with Miitomo. However, this is one of between five and six updates, depending on the region in which you live.


Five improvements and updates are coming to all regions. In addition to the usual bug fixes and adjustments that accompany any update, people will be able to use WhatsApp to invite and find friends, the Popularity and Style level caps will be increased to 30, and you’ll be able to share Recent News by talking to your Mii. It will also be able to put links into answers and comments, as users will be able to click them to go to the site in their Apple iOS or Android device’s browser.


The sixth update is only going to be available for Miitomo users in Japan. Much like the Nintendo 3DS’ StreetPass plaza where special guests can appear via SpotPass, Miitomo will be getting Star Account Miis. These will be famous and notable people with verified accounts who can be followed or visited within the app.


Miitomo is immediately available for Apple iOS and Android devices. It will come to Mexico, South Africa, and Switzerland on June 30, 2016.

Jenni Lada
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