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Miitopia Is Kind Of Like Tomodachi Life With Friendship, Love, And Drama But In RPG Style




Japan got their first taste of Miitopia with a new demo that launched yesterday on the Japanese 3DS eShop. Here’s a look at some footage from the demo courtesy NintenDaan.


When starting out Miitopia, the game prompts you to select out of various family and friends and their Miis to come up with party members for the RPG adventure. Your mii is the hero, and you’ll need to pick a Mage, Priest, Cat, and Demon Lord for the starting movie of the demo.


The special movie starts out with a look at the four heroes going up against the Demon Lord. As they manage to dish out some cool attacks on the Demon Lord, he steals their faces using some kind of magic. From there, you, the hero, will need to do something to help our your friends. And that’s where the demo movie ends.


The following parts show off a little more in a preview on what you can expect to see from the game, which includes friendship levels between your characters in Tomodoachi Life fashion. Having higher friendship level between characters results in being able to help each other out better.


The video shows some drama as “Saitam” the Mage seems to be falling in love with Nikki (from Swapnote) the Priest as they share some talk and presents. Saitam ends up getting jealous when the Hero offers her a gift and build their own friendship parameters behind his back. This results in an argument between Saitam and Nikki, oh no.


As Saitam wonders if things are always going to be on a sour note between him and Nikki, he’s assaulted by a Golem. It isn’t long until Nikki puts differences aside and stands in front of Saitam to protect him. After she falls, Satiam avenges her with his own powerful attack. At the conclusion of the battle, we see Nikki tell Saitam “You know, Saitam… actually, I’ll tell you when the journey is over.”


Sounds like we’ll get to see some interesting story development happen between your own mii buddies, as they work their way to take on the Demon Lord.


Miitopia releases in Japan on December 8, 2016. A Miitopia edition Nintendo Direct will show us more on November 5 at 8:00pm JST.

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