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Miku Ain’t Clowning Around With This Rainbow Suit


More cos— err, modules! Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd is looking to ensure there’s something for everyone, it seems. While Marionette Miku isn’t quite what I would use, some of the latest designs that have come out are rather nice.

Like Rainbow Line, above, which is a rainbow dress that seems to sparkle with a little bit of the band conductor look as well. You can use this in “Glory 3usi9”.


Meanwhile, Supreme might be aptly named for some. That combination of thigh-high stockings, twin-tails and a light dress would’ve been enough to knock anyone’s lights out. Then you look closer at the soulful gaze of Miku and… err… is it getting hot in here? This comes from “World is Mine”.

Orbit gives off the right vibe and is a remake from Project Diva Extend. The look makes “SPiCa –39’s Giving Day Edition-“ look extra lovely with its starry theme.

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Rose Blue comes with a mysterious mask to make Kaito look really dashing. Like Tuxedo Mask!


The song, “Cantarella,” has both Kaito and Miku, and Miku’s module is called Rose Bianca. This dress module is pretty rare, since it’s a full-length and full-skirted dress all a-flutter with lace compared to other modules which rarely feature a dress. The masked version makes her look so much more refined and sophisticated, it’s almost like a different person.

Finally, Cyber Nation makes Luka look, well… Like a cross between a Lawson’s store clerk and a sportswoman, actually. Nonetheless, it fits her very well! This is a remake from Project Diva Extend, much like some of the earlier costumes.


Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd will be out on PlayStation 3 and Vita March 6th in Japan.