This Is What Miku Would Look Like If She Were In Final Fantasy



The Hatsune Miku Expo fan festival takes place this month in New York with a live concert to be held on October 17 and 18. An art exhibition focused on the popular Vocaloid will also start tomorrow, until October 19th. Famitsu shares a look at a piece by Tetsuya Nomura.


The Hatsune Miku Art Exhibition – Universal Positivity will feature artwork by original Hatsune Miku illustrators, in addition to several exclusive artwork by various artists, which you can check out here.



The above is a look at Tetsuya Nomura’s version of Hatsune Miku that is shown on a billboard seen at Wallplay, where the art exhibition is held. It was announced as part of a collaboration with Square Enix’s Nomura and Hatsune Miku.


Famitsu will have more to report on the art event later.

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