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Mimikyu Demonstrates Its New Exclusive Z-Move For Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon



The Pokémon Company released a new video demonstrating a brand-new Mimikyu-exclusive Z-Move called “Poka-Boka Friend Time” in Japanese, and it’s a powerful one.


The new Z-Move, called “Let’s Snuggle Forever” in English, is said to be so powerful that it surpasses the Fairy-type Z-Move Twinkle Tackle that Mimikyu was previously able to use. This move becomes availble for Mimikyu when it has the move Play Rough learned while holding the Mimikium Z Z-Crystal.


Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon release worldwide on November 17, 2017 for Nintendo 3DS. You can check out our previous report to learn more about the new villainous all-star group Team Rainbow Rocket as well as version-exclusive Legendaries.

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