PlayStation Vita

MIND≒0 Has A Samurai-Like And Dark Fairy-Like Familiars



MIND≒0 is a dark dungeon crawler that takes place in Tokyo where you control characters that can summon Mental Inside Nobody Doll or MIND for short. Kei Takanshi is the main character and while he has a cool personality, he can’t ever overlook anybody in trouble.


Class of Heroes developer ZeroDiv and Acquire introduced two MIND≒0 characters that seem to know about the existence of MIND in Kotone and Kanade. One is an old-fashioned girl while the other is an unknown man, shrouded in mystery.


Kotone Shiragiku



Kotone is a 17 year-old modest and old-fashioned girl. She attends a different private school from Kei and friends. She lacks self confidence and isn’t comfortable around others, which is something she’d like to change about herself, but hasn’t had the best of luck in that regard. One day, she meets Kei and the others on her way back home from school, which led to her finding out about the existence of MIND.


Kanade Sakyou


Kanade is a mysterious character that appears in front of our heroes. His origin and age is unknown. The words he spoke to Kei and friends seems to have perplexed the group. Even though there are people that share the same goal as Kanade, he gives off a vibe of isolation. There seems to be some other motive he’s hiding…


MIND≒0 is slated for release on August 1st for PlayStation Vita.

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