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Mind Zero Makers Announce A New F2P Title For PlayStation Vita And Smartphones



Mind Zero makers Acquire have announced that they’re working on a new free-to-play title called Hero Fortress Bagooon!! for PlayStation Vita and smartphones. The latest issue of Famitsu magazine provides more details on the upcoming title. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


Hero Fortress Bagooon!! will have you build forts that are made out of various facilities, hire heroes, and take other players’ fortresses down to take their resources. The facilities are purchased at shops, then placed in the fortress to further build on it.


There are bars where heroes are hired. These can be used to invade players and their forts, and they’re essential for defending your own fortress as well. Cannons are there to protect yourself, and mana tanks for various upgrades.


By wiping out enemy players and all of their facilities, you’ll get a massive amount of fortunes, but it doesn’t sound like it’ll always be easy to pull off.


Hero Fortress Bagooon!! launches this Winter in Japan for Play Station Vita, Android and iOS devices.


[Top image from Mind Zero.]

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