MiniDoom 2 Reimagines Doom As A 2D Platformer



MiniDoom 2 reimagines the Doom games as sidescrollers, giving the shooter a more Contra or Metal Slug feel as players blast through hordes of imps, Barons, and Cyberdemons.


MiniDoom 2 takes players across seventeen stages, each of which is filled with hostile, hellish monsters from the shooter series. These creatures can be blasted with 2D renditions of guns from the series, as well as famous weapons from other shooters. When not collecting keys and dealing with demons, players can also work to find hidden secrets, artifacts, and upgrades that are hidden throughout each level.

MiniDoom 2 backs up its action with metal music and creepy ambient tunes, aiming to ratchet up its atmosphere even as it offers joke stages that take players to areas from other games (like Mega Man 2).


MiniDoom 2 is available for free on

Alistair Wong
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