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Minit Is A Zelda-Like Adventure Where You Play In Sixty Second Bursts


A cursed sword means your life will end, and the next day will come, within sixty seconds in Minit, a Zelda-like adventure where players will need to rush to get their heroic tasks accomplished.


In Minit, players will have to carry out their dungeon crawling and exploration in a hurry, as they will find themselves defeated by their own cursed sword if they don’t. However, items and certain completed tasks carry over should the player complete them in time, and if players can make it to specific checkpoints, they will reawaken in those places. This means players will want to nab and explore quickly to build up a new spawn point and better equipment for their next run.

Clever time-managers will be able to find countless treasures, hidden areas, and dangerous enemies throughout the game’s world, steadily working toward lifting the curse that makes the hero’s days so difficult.


Minit is available now on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

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