Misato Morita to Play Kaori in Netflix Live-Action City Hunter

city hunter netflix

The Japanese Netflix Twitter account has announced that Misato Morita will play Kaori Makimura in the live-action adaptation of City Hunter. She will star alongside Ryohei Suzuki, who plays protagonist Ryo Saeba. The Tweet also includes a photo of how Misato looks like in Kaori’s costume.

You can check out how the live-action version of Kaori in City Hunter will look here:

Morita is a live-action actress who debuted in 2011 as a commercial actress. Her talents include figure skating and classic ballet. However, it is unlikely that she will use these skills in her role as Kaori. Other roles that Misato played in the past include Chihara Koyama in She Loves to Cook And She Loves to Eat and Okuni in Shogun’s Samurai.

City Hunter is a manga series that ran from 1985 to 1991. It has received several anime and live-action adaptations in its native Japan. Its popularity has also led foreign countries such as Hong Kong and France to produce their own versions of City Hunter movies and shows. It focuses on Ryo Saeba, who is a private detective and womanizer in Tokyo. “City Hunter” is the name of his underground organization. Ryo’s partner was Hideyuki Makimura, but with his death, Ryo takes care of Kaori. Kaori is Hideyuki’s sister and she soon becomes his new partner.

The Netflix City Hunter adaptation is in development and will come out in 2024.

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