Missed Out On Helping This Hardcore Indie RPG? Now’s Your Chance.


The developers of indie “hardcore RPG” Lords of Xulima are really hoping to make the best game possible, but barely squeaked past their initial funding goal on IndieGoGo. To make up for that, they’re taking to Kickstarter this time around in the hopes of meeting more of their stretch goals.

Interested parties take note, this does not appear to be them asking for more money— they’ve got about enough of that already with their initial funding met—but are now going purely for stretch goals as the game is at 70%ish completion.

If you missed out on the first round (Especially the allure for international folks of “Free Shipping + Extra cool stuff”) then pitch in, as the game’s already got an additional $7000 as of press with about 25 days to go.

Also of note, this game is for Linux and Mac as well as PC—and there’s currently a Steam Greenlight going on for it as well. The game will feature more than a hundred skills, some 9 classes (more if stretch goals are reached) and a turn-based, location-matters tile system combat.

If you want to pick up the game, you can check out its Kickstarter here.