Missile Cards Reimagines Missile Command As A Turn-Based Card Game



Missile Cards reimagines  Atari game Missile Command as a turn-based card game, where players must play the right defensive cards in order to keep their base safe from the various dangers that falls from the sky.




Players can choose from an array of different bases with unique decks, using the array of cannon, missile, laser, shield, repair, and death ray cards to turn the tide against the constant rain of debris that keeps falling down on their fortress. Many bases also come with their own special missions, hazards, and defenses, forcing the player to constantly come up with new strategies.


Players who aren’t quite happy with their decks will also be able to improve them through play, unlocking new, special cards that will increase their power and improve their chances of surviving the next round.




Having highly-powerful cards doesn’t mean the player can just wipe the board, though, as each card has an AP cost. Players will only be able to do so much during a single round, so they’ll have to factor in costs to their strategies if they hope to win.


Missile Cards is raising votes on Steam Greenlight, and is planned to release in early 2017.

Alistair Wong
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