mobileops.jpgWith the exception of Dynasty Warriors Gundam and a few Naruto games Namco Bandai’s line up was light on anime. No Zatch Bell games, Gundam for the Wii or any One Piece titles. I asked about the lack of One Piece games and I was told they have no announcements to make at this time. But the Japanese version of One Piece: Grand Adventure for the Wii is at their offices. As for Gundam titles, no announcements for these either. I did get some more information on Mobile Ops: The One Year War for the Xbox 360. At E3 ’06, Mobile Ops: The One Year War was around to tryout, but not this year. In last year's demo you could run around on foot, enter vehicles and hijack other mobile suits. The good news is Mobile Ops: The One Year War is still in development, but it won’t be coming out in North America this year.  

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