Mitrasphere Global Edition Co-op RPG Launches on Mobile


Mitrasphere, a new co-op RPG developed by Bank of Innovation, Inc., is live on iOS and Android devices. The game previously released in Japan in 2017, Crunchyroll Games localized it for an English-language debut. It features art and systems inspired by classic JRPGs, but carries an emphasis on multiplayer co-operative play. The debut was accompanied by a launch trailer.

The trailer lays out the premise of Mitrasphere, which also happens to be the name of the game world. It’s surrounded by “Heaven’s Ocean,” a sky which also happens to be a sea, that holds the golden tree where divine powers reside. Golden crystals rain down from the tree, cursing the people below with the bonds of fate. The story follows those who take up arms to resist the chains of destiny imposed upon them by distant gods.

The gameplay of Mitrasphere uses a class system, where player characters can swap between five classes freely. The classes include frontline damage-dealers like the Swordsman, who is focused on offense and single-target melee damage, and the defensive Guardian, a shield-equipped warrior that protects the party. Rear-line characters include the bow-wielding Archer, the area-of-effect specialist Mage, and the Cleric, who can heal and revive fallen teammates. Players will challenge boss battles for loot and equipment, and at the highest levels tackle Ancient Raids, large-scale battles involving many players.

The game was first announced for a global release in May 2021, which included a pre-registration campaign. The campaign was successful, and 100,000 pre-registrants unlocked rewards for all players, including 800 Sea Crystals (a premium currency used for gacha rolls), the 4-Star Magic Device item “Heroic Upa”, and a free 10-roll that unlocks a guaranteed 4-Star weapon.

Mitrasphere is immediately available on iOS and Android. Crunchyroll Games has also published other mobile titles, including the ongoing global editions of Princess Connect! Re:Dive, Starsteel Fantasy, Grand Summoners, and the defunct Overlord: Mass for the Dead, Danmachi: Memoria Freeseand Attack on Titan Tactics.

Josh Tolentino
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