MMORPG Black Gold Online Ups Player Levels And Adds New Dungeons



Black Gold Online has been in open beta for about a month now, and the PC MMORPG is updating itself to keep pace with its players.



For starters, the level cap will be raised to 45, with new quests and gear to match, including tier 3 equipment types and skills. To go with it, the entire land is being expanded. New maps, dungeons and battlefields will be added.


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For a game that’s focused heavily on player-versus-player combat, it’s also nice to know there is now cross-server PvP for arenas and battlefields. Part of the hook for Black Gold Online is fighting it out between the two races of the human Isenhorst and their mech army versus the magical Erlandir Union.


Players can help capture Energy Wells for their side that wrest control of lucrative and unique non-player characters selling items, mounts and other good stuff. There are 12 classes in all to choose from.


On the backend, there’s also word that optimization of the game has also taken place to quash some bugs.


Black Gold Online is out in open beta on PC.