A Mobile Dynasty Warriors Game Is Headed To iOS And Android



Perfect World has announced that Dynasty Warriors Mobile is in the works for iOS and Android devices, and a hands-on preview will be available at the upcoming E3 2016. While other Dynasty Warriors games have appeared previous on handheld platforms, Dynasty Warriors Mobile has the distinction of being the first game in the series specifically designed for iOS and Android.


Here’s some more information on Dynasty Warriors Mobile:


Dynasty Warriors Mobile is a mobile head-to-head fighting game with side-scrolling elements. Experience historical combat featuring heroes from China’s Three Kingdoms period as you learn and master an extensive array of weapons-based and hand-to-hand fighting moves. Mobile-optimized controls deliver classic Dynasty Warriors-franchise gameplay, featuring signature skills and attacks, into the palms of your hands.


Gameplay Features


  • Console-standard gameplay with superior graphics and animation.


  • Mobile-optimized combat system featuring light and heavy attacks, defensive parrying, and high-powered Musou supers.


  • Cavalry fights set in original Three Kingdoms battlefields.


  • Single-player PvE or multiplayer PvP play modes.


  • Over 50 collectible warriors with a variety of skills, weapons, and appearance.


  • Upgrade characters using over 100 equipment cards, 300 item cards, and 10 mount cards.


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Dynasty Warriors Mobile is being developed for iOS and Android devices.

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