Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame EX03 and 13 figures

Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame 13 Series and EX03 Models Launch Today

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Bandai released new Gundam models on May 23, 2021: the Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame EX03 figure and the G Frame 13 series. The former comes with the Perfect Strike Gundam and Skygrasper, which costs 5,390 yen. The latter are seven different models in a series, running fans 550 yen each. Both are available for purchase on Amazon Japan. [Thanks, Hobby Watch!]

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The Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame EX03 Perfect Strike Gundam and Skygrasper combo are highly detailed models and come with bubblegum. Using replaceable parts, hobbyists can covert their Perfect Strike Gundam into the Aile Strike, Sword Strike, and Launcher Strike Gundams. The Skygrasper that appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED also comes with various striker packs for customization.

Each model in the Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame 13 series will also include bubblegum. There are two types in the series: armor and frame bundles. Armor bundles consist of non-moving hangar and armor parts, while frame bundles contain a moving frame and armor. There are a total of seven variants in the series: Gundam Prototype Unit 1 Full Burnern armor bundle, Gundam Prototype Unit 1 Full Burnern frame bundle, Buster Gundam armor bundle, Buster Gundam frame bundle, Zaku II F2 armor bundle, Zaku II F2 Federation Forces armor bundle, and a Zaku II F2 combo frame bundle that includes the Federation Forces suit.

Fans can buy both the Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame EX03 and Gundam G Frame 13 series on Amazon Japan. They can even brew a pot of tea using their fancy Zaku Teapot as they pose their new models.

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