Mobius Final Fantasy Shares A Closer Look At Garland And Echo



Garland the knight and Echo the fairy will play key roles in helping Wol, or whatever you decide to name your protagonist, in Mobius Final Fantasy. Square Enix have shared a closer look at the two characters, along with some more details on the game’s battle system.





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Garland is a knight with experience and knowledge. He might look like a proper knight, but he’s actually kind of arrogant; however, he has set his eyes on the protagonist, for some reason, and decides to take  him on the journey of turning him into the Warrior of Light.




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Echo is a playful fairy who lives in the hills. According to the legends said by travelers, if you follow her, she’ll lead you to treasure. While others can’t see her, it seems like the protagonist is able to see her just fine.


Here are some extra details on Echo in Mobius Final Fantasy.


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Fairy/Battle: The fairy will occasionally help out in battles by providing elemental damage, heals, Haste, and more.


Fairy/Variation (1): Fairies have all kinds of costumes and come in different shapes, so you can customize them to your liking.


Fairy/Variation (2): A Cactuar will show various reactions according to what happens on the battle.


By absorbing Elements or using abilities, you’ll get to use special moves after filling up your “Special Attack Gauge”. These effects vary in each job, and have their own effects which can be used in timely manner. Here’s a look at some special attacks.


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Warrior (Round Slash): a ranged attack that cutes enemies in an arc. It adds an additional effect of Brave (attack up).


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Ranger (Dancing Edge): a simple slicing attack. Its additional “Burst” effect increases your “Break”.


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White Mage (Sacred Prayer): a simple attack that also recovers HP and casts Ruin. It has an addition effect of Regen to heal HP little at a time.


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Night (Radiant Sword): a ranged attack that hits enemies with a shining sword. It has an additional effect of Barrier, which increases defense.



Fenrir Card (Shadow Stitch ability): does a basic wind-type attack, in addition to a stun effect.



Ares Card (Flame Sword ability): a basic fire-type attack done through a strike with a blazing sword.


Mobius Final Fantasy will release in Japan in Spring 2015 for iPhone and Android.

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