Mobius Final Fantasy Update Adds Samurai, Assassin, And Red Mage



Mobius Final Fantasy recently hit one million registered users, and Square Enix have already begun their second wave of new content for the game, starting with the second chapter of the game’s story, a new side story, and other extras. Here’s a look at what’s new.


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The second main scenario chapter of Mobius Final Fantasy is titled “Prediction and Hope,” and it takes place in the Ishtar Desert, where the protagonist and Mog will go through its Rune Temple and the adventure that awaits.


There’s also something that awaits in the Arena, where the protagonist will face enemies that he’s never seen before. This new main scenario volume launches today in Japan.



The side story is called “El Dorado of the Oblivion,” which takes place in the ancient ruins of the “Gold Volost of El Dorado,” and you’ll travel alongside the fairy Echo to solve some mysteries behind the ruins. This side story will be available starting on July 6th.




The above shows us a look at the three new job classes of Samurai, Assassin, and Red Mage. These jobs are available as part of the latest update.




There are also some new ability cards that have been added to the mix, making it possible for a whole new combination of abilities players will get to mix and match.


Mevius Final Fantasy is currently available in Japan for Android and iPhone.

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