Mod Brings Dead or Alive Characters To Street Fighter IV



You’ve seen Metal Gear Solid’s Snake appear in Ultra Street Fighter IV, but a new mod by dsFOREST allows the player to challenge their favorite Street Fighter characters as Ayane and Kasumi from Dead or Alive. As in the Metal Gear Solid mod, Ayane and Kasumi use Street Fighter characters as a foundation. In this case, Ayane is mapped over Ibuki, while Kasumi is mapped over Chun Li.



Another mod, dubbed the World Warrior Stage Pack, reimagines six classic stages from Street Fighter II as Ultra Street Fighter IV stages. Among those returning are Dhalsim’s stage, E. Honda’s Bathhouse, Guile’s stage, Ken’s stage, Ryu’s stage, and Vega’s stage.


You can download the World Warrior Stage Pack here, courtesy of Alff, XYXZYZ, Kintsao, and Jparker.