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Moero Chronicle Shows Dungeon Crawling And How To Recruit Monster Girls



In addition to Monster Monpiece, Compile Heart has another game with monster girls in it, with their upcoming PlayStation Vita dungeon crawler, Moero Chronicle. 4Gamer gives us a look at the dungeon crawling in the game and how you’ll be able to recruit all kinds of monster girls.



The dungeon exploring starts at the 2:24, after the pink-haired heroine Lilia sets off with the protagonist Io on their journey to bring the monster girls back to normal.



Before going out to the dungeons, you’ll be able to set up your party members with different clothing hat comes with their own stats and attributes. Up to five characters can be in your party at a time.


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Dungeons have plenty of items and monsters, including some… panties you’ll find, which seem to be clues as to where you can find the monster girls. Once you get closer to one, the music will also change, so you’ll know when there’s one nearby.



At 3:33 in the video, Io and the girls encounter the Killer Bee, the bee-type monster girl. As you destroy a monster girl’s clothing, you’ll be able to flatter them with Io in the middle of battle.


Once you max that out, you’ll be prompted to participate in a special rubbing feature, where you’ll have to press certain parts of the girl on the PlayStation Vita screen. If you can manage to find her “sweet spot,” she’ll fall for you and will become a new ally, after a special scene.


Instead of hats or weapons, Moero Chronicle uses panties for changing job classes for the girls, which changes their stats and attributes to go with a different look. Panties can be given to them as presents, which also increases your relationship parameters with them.



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Moero Chronicle will be released on May 15, 2014 for PlayStation Vita in Japan. Idea Factory is also looking for a partner to bring the game overseas.

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