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Moero Crystal For PlayStation Vita Announced By Compile Heart



Compile Heart have been teasing a new game with what appeared to be the latest entry in the Genkai Tokki series, and this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation reveals the title as Genkai Tokki: Moero Crystal. [Thanks, Game Jouhou]


In Moe Chronicle, players went on a journey to look for panties, and in Moero Crystal will be about “wearing panties, but this time on a journey to seek bras”. This time, there will be a new “insert” command, along with a more in-depth battle system.


As for more details on the story, the Everlasting Darkness Panties and the Bra of Light have been stolen, causing a crack in the dimension seen in the skies above. The world of Moero Crystal is in upheaval due to this said crack in dimension.


The protagonist is known as the “walking lucky pervert,” who goes by the name Zenox. As far as monster girls go, there will be 50 that were in Moe Chronicle along with an addition of 30 new monster girls. There will be a special ending for each and every monster girl, too.


The game’s producer is Compile Heart’s Norihisa Kochiwa, known for his work on the Neptunia series. Makoto Kitano is the director, and he also worked with Kochiwa on Moe Chronicle. As far as character designs go, they’ll be done by Katsuyuki Hirano.


Genkai Tokki: Moero Crystal will release sometime in 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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