Moero Crystal Trailer Details Its Battle System And Monster Girl Recruiting Features

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Moero Crystal is the latest entry in the Genkai Tokki series, and while it does share many similarities with Moe Chronicle, it offers some new systems and features in its battles and monster girl-handling. The latest trailer shows us what’s new.


In Moero Crystal, you’ll need to make a team of five monster girls for battle. The protagonist Zenox can’t attack, but he’ll help provide support with power ups. The new “Insert” command also lets  you move ahead one of the characters in the attacking order.


Zenox is required to charge up for his support abilities, but if you overcharge, then he explodes and won’t be able to do anything for a short while. Next, at 1:55 they show how characters can work together to land some powerful tag team attacks.


Upon defeating a monster girl, you’ll get to recruit them through its touchscreen “scratching” feature. There are also some items that will allow you to get them to join you later without having to do the scratch feature— if you’re around your kids or in a busy train, or something. This item will allow you to instead give them a scratch later on your own time.


There are other battle elements that involve buffs, bonuses, and costume destruction for the monster girls that will be revealed more in the near future.


Moero Crystal will release in Japan on September 25, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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