PlayStation Vita

Moero Crystal Will Have You Dungeon Dive Inside The Hearts Of Monster Girls



In Moero Crystal there’s a system where you’ll get to visit a dungeon through a part that is “an importance to the body of a monster girl.” Dengeki shares the latest on the game that explains a little bit on you’ll be doing that.


Upon meeting certain conditions in Moero Crystal, there will be a way to go inside the heart of a monster girl in a dungeon called the “Depths Domain”. Once you clear the Depths Domain dungeon, it unlocks all kinds of different things.



In Moe Chronicle, bras and panties came in a set, but Moero Crystal will let you mix and match the top and bottom, as part of a feature that gets unlocked upon meeting certain conditions. This will allow for all kinds of costume combinations as seen in the above image.


Additionally, you’ll get to visit monster girls at their rooms to give them presents, and also visit the inn for some chest “kyun scratch” action.



Compile Heart also have plans to introduce a special set of… strange monsters called the “Moecrymon,” which you can a glimpse of in the above image. Some of them are said to have designs that will bring back memories for the older fans.


Moero Crystal will release in Japan on September 25, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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