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Moero Crystal’s Lead Characters Revealed



Compile Heart announced Moero Crystal, a game that will have you go around on a journey to seek bras instead of panties like in Moe Chronicle. Dengeki shares a sneek peek at some of the main characters of the game.




Zenox is the protagonist of Moero Crystal. He’s known as the “walking lucky pervert,” and seems to find himself in strange and unexpected “accidental” situations whenever he’s around girls. It sounds kind of like To Love-Ru’s Rito, except he actually looks capable of fighting.




Luanna is the guardian of the great shrine that enshrined the “Bra of Perpetual Darkness”. She seems to be pretty fastidious when it comes to “this and that” between men and women.





Lulucie is a shrine maiden of the great shrine. She has the ability to be possessed by a goddess, and the power to gain trust. Not much is known about this mysterious shrine maiden.


As previously reported, Moero Crystal will feature plenty of monster girls, including 50 that were in Moe Chronicle, and the addition of 30 new monster girls, and there will even be a special ending for each and every one of them.


Moero Crystal will release in Japan sometime in 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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