otton The teaser from last night is connected to the Monster Monpiece series, but the game isn’t another card game. Dengeki PlayStation announced Moerok Chronicle (Moerok is probably a portmanteau of moe and erotic) which is a dungeon RPG with Record of Agarest War character designer Katsuyuki Hirano as the character designer for this title.


You play as Io, an ordinary boy with a tender heart. To save the world from a disaster, the village elder forces you to go on a journey. Io has friends with him like Leche, a close friend that’s a daughter of a nekomata. Lilia is another close friend with an energetic personality that’s a daughter of a fenrir. Koko is some unidentified monster’s daughter. And finally you have Otton (the seal mascot character) who is… a wandering panty hunter.


Moerok Chronicle is slated for release on April 24 for PlayStation Vita.

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