Momodora IV Is A Prequel To The Trilogy, Still Features A Fighting Priestess



    Solo developer rdein is currently in the process of making Momodora IV, which will be a prequel to the previous trilogy of Momodora games, it turns out.


    For those who don’t know, the Momodora games have been created over a five year time span, with each improving on the last in terms of design, scope, and quality of the pixel art. They’re loosely connected by a mysterious village called KoHo, feature magical priestesses as the main characters, and focus on classic action platformer design. You can download the first two on, as well as purchase the third one there, as well as on Steam.


    This fourth entry takes place about 400 years before the first Momodora game in the distant Kingdom of Karst. You play as an 18-year-old priestess called Kaho Reinol who leaves the village of KoHo to investigate a vile darkness that has been eating away at the land.



    As is always the case with the Momodora games, you’ll meet plenty of other characters as you venture in and around Karst City. One of which is a knightess called Cath who deserted the Karstian Order of Knights who was forced to murder her parents.


    There’s also Pardoner Fennel, a woman of faith, who is the head of the Cathedral of Esselin. And Elisa Cotillard is a mysterious woman who is surrounded by dozens of cats. You can learn more about other characters you’ll encounter in the game here.


    If you visit the Momodora IV blog then make sure to check out the gifs on display, which show a number of gorgeous naturalistic environments, cute monsters that you’ll be battling, and some of Kaho’s moves.

    Chris Priestman

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