Momotaro Dentetsu Creator Blames Konami For The End of His Long-Running Series



Momotaro Dentetsu, the long-running board game-style video game based on the Momotaro folklore with trains and entrepreneurs, is finally coming to an end, after its long run of 27 years, series creator Akira Sakuma tweeted.



Sakuma originally worked on Momotaro Dentetsu for Hudson, and it was basically like Mario Party before Mario Party—a popular multiplayer game that mixed elements of Sugoroku and Monopoly, and took entrepreneur players across Japan on trains, powered by dice rolls. The first game was on the Famicom back in 1988, and since then, it has had multiple titles per generation.


While Momotaro Dentetsu has enjoyed a long run of friends gathering together, finding joy in rolling the perfect numbers, and crying after losing all your money to the Binbogami (God of Poverty), it appears to have reached its final stop, as Sakuma tweeted: “I haven’t had any contact from Konami whatsoever. This situation has been going on for a very long time. With that, I will officially end Momotaro Dentetsu. It has all been crushed by Konami’s Ishikawa.”


His wife, Mariko Sakuma, who also works on the games tweeted: “They told us that we’d get a response in May, so we gave them the weekend, and ended up waiting until June 2nd. But we still haven’t seen any contact. I wonder what happened with Konami’s Mr. Ishikawa.”


Back in 2011, Akira Sakuma stated that he would stop making Momotaro Dentetsu if Konami made any major changes to the game or staff after they bought out Hudson. We’re not exactly sure what happened since then, but it seems as though the publisher’s lack of communication was the final straw.


While we don’t know just who Ishikawa is at Konami, it sounds as though he’s some sort of manager, or someone in charge of the Momotaro Dentetsu games. The last Momotaro Dentetsu game on console was on the Nintendo DS in 2010 and a mobile title in 2012.


via: Hachima Kikou

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