Monaco Developers Announce Title of Upcoming RTS Game: LEADtoFIRE



    Last week Pocketwatch Games (Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine, IGF 2010 Grand Prize winner) announced the new name for their upcoming RTS project. Called LEADtoFIRE, the game is a real-time strategy title developed with full gamepad controller support in mind from the ground up.


    Formerly known as [ARMADA], players will get to control a Champion who can build structures, command their armies in battle, scout for enemy territories, or even dive right into and get involved in any on-going skirmishes and battles.



    The main character leads his army with a flag, hence the emphasis on banners and emblem designs for LEADtoFIRE’s logos and all of the promotional images released so far.


    Fans of Pocketwatch Games (or Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine) can follow the development of LEADtoFIRE here.

    Tim Wee

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