As A Monk, Solve A Series Of Murders In A Benedictine Abbey



A Franciscan monk, Fray William of Occam, and his young novice, Adso of Melk, find themselves working to solve a series of grisly murders in a Benedictine Abbey in isometric detective game The Abbey of Crime Extensum.


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In The Abbey of Crime Extensum, which will release on Steam for free should it get enough Greenlight votes, players must become a man of logic in a place ruled by blind – perhaps dangerous – faith. They will have to find items and interrogate suspects until they can close in who is killing these people before he can complete his final murder.


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The Abbey of Crime Extensum is inspired by novel The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco and the film of the same name by Jean-Jacques Annaud.

Alistair Wong
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