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Monkey King: Hero Is Back Returns With With 10 Minutes Of Demo Gameplay



    Siliconera had the chance to try out Monkey King: Hero Is Back, the China Hero Project videogame based off the hit Chinese computer-animated film. The demo took us through a sleepy village attacked by monsters who had kidnapped all the children and villagers.


    Check out the video below:


    Gameplay-wise, Monkey King: Hero Is Back plays like what you would expect from an action-exporation game, with visuals that reminded me of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. There are light attacks and heavy attacks, and various objects that can be picked up and used as weapons in order to defeat the enemies.

    While the standard combat felt quite decent (and I assume that the gameplay gets more fluid as you unlock more moves via progression), the exploration part felt disjoined, with loading screens frequent and interrupting. Loading would happen in-between doors and entranceways of every house, and didn’t really yield much beyond some materials. It didn’t help that enemies would respawn when you passed by the loading screen.


    Monkey King: Hero Is Back releases on PlayStation 4 on October 31, 2019.

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