Monolith Mixes Shmups & Top-Down Dungeon Crawling



Monolith mixes elements of shmups and top-down dungeon crawlers, having players pilot a highly-mobile fighter jet through a winding labyrinth filled with monsters and bullets.




Players will set off to an abandoned facility containing an object of incredible power, but will have to fight their way through an ever-changing maze of paths and rooms to reach it. The enemies in these chambers will not make it easy, filling each room with shots, gouts of flames, or colossal boss bodies, requiring the use of the ship’s high maneuverability.


Players have access to an array of power-ups and firearms to shoot back at their enemies with, and will also be able to move and stop their ship as they please, weaving through bullet patterns and enemy groups no matter how tight they are together. As they down the enemies in each area, they will acquire funds and will open up new paths through the maze, finding different paths and hidden shops filled with new gear and weapons.




As they clear rooms, players will be able to retrace their steps to find new routes, going back to previously-cleared areas to search for any missed secrets. This offers a similar navigational style to other dungeon crawlers, giving players an element of exploration alongside the shmup action.


Curious players who wish to creep through dungeons with a bit more firepower can grab the three-level Monolith beta from

Alistair Wong
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