Monolith Soft Recruiting Staff For A New RPG Project By The Xenoblade Team


Monolith Soft was recruiting developers with action game experience for a new RPG project back in May, and they’ve updated with a recruitment for programmers, map modelers, and level designers for a new RPG project by the 1st (Takahashi) Production.


1st Production is the Tetsuya Takahashi-led team that worked on Xenoblade Chronicles, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Xenoblade Chornicles 2.


Takahashi shared a message for the recruitment, stating that it doesn’t mean staff members left the company, but the reason is simply because they’re short on staff.


The 1st Production’s motto is “the select few” and this won’t be changing, but Takahashi says there’s a limit to everything. While they’ve worked with much smaller staff compared to other companies, there was a number of problems that couldn’t be helped because of it, for example, if a team member were to get sick then someone else from the team would have to make up for it.


To give a better example, Takahashi says it’s like going to Koshien with just nine players or to the World Cup with just eleven, so should any unforeseen circumstances were to occur, you’d have the shortstop and second base take an additional role, or have the forwards and midfielders have an additional role, and so on.


That being said, Takahashi felt that in order to improve on the perfection of titles and satisfaction for customers, it wouldn’t be a good idea to carry on like that, so they’ll recruit a few people for all the positions in need. Programmers, map modelers, and level designers are especially in need.


Monolith Soft is also accepting many applications for character designers. Takahashi has a strong desire to meet a designer who could become Monolith Soft’s trademark artist in the future, similar to what he had with Tetsuya Nomura and many other talented artists in his days working at Square. Not only character designers, but artwork staff are also in need.


Additional positions include programmers (graphics/character controls/AI), map planners (level designer), technical artists (modeling/animation/effects), designers (map modelers/in-game animators/character modelers/character designers/script event creators), and management (product assistant/event management).

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