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The second Monopoly Gamer game is at the starting line. Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart has gotten an early start by launching at GameStop today. The official website says it will cost $29.99. It will come to other stores later.


Like the first Monopoly Gamer, this is a variation on standard Monopoly with different rules and features. For example, the Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad tokens each have their own special abilities, with Bowser, Donkey Kong, Metal Mario, Rosalina, Shy Guy and Yoshi Power Packs sold later separately. You collect coins, instead of cash, as the property-buying currency. Each turn, you roll a Move die and Power-Up die to see what special item you “used” that turn. And, when people pass Go, a Grand Prix is held with people able to pay entrance fees to “race” by rolling a die to see where you placed and what you won.


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Monopoly Gamer and Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart are immediately available.

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