Monster Crown Online Trading and NET Eggs Added

monster crown online trading and net egg

While Monster Crown is a single-player, Pokemon-like RPG, a new update adds some extra interactions. Granted, they’re not huge yet, but they’re there. The first content update has arrived, and it adds Monster Crown online trading, a move learner, NET Eggs, and Alternate Genes.

There are actually two Monster Crown online elements in this new content drop. The obvious one is trading. As you can imagine, it allows you to connect to other people playing and trade monsters with them.

But there’s another online element too. The NET Eggs tap into genes people online have. You can choose it as a parent for one of your monsters when breeding, so you can get random results.

The other options are definitely and totally offline ones. The Move Learner has been added, to allow you to switch up movesets and bring back abilities you might have gotten rid of along the way. Also, if you want to get even crazier when breeding than pressing backspace to bring up a NET Egg, you can use the Breeding Barn’s Alternate Genes to alter your possible creations.

Monster Crown is available on PCs via Steam Early Access. It’s a darker take on the monster-collecting formula with a unique customization system. You could learn more in Siliconera’s interview with Studio Aurum’s Jason Walsh.

Jenni Lada
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