Monster Gear, Sega’s Hunting Game, Is Designed To Be Played With One Hand


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Sega recently announced their own Monster Hunter-like smartphone game called Monster Gear, a game that is said to be hunting on the lighter side, with controls that you can press with one hand. Famitsu shares a first look at the upcoming mobile game.



While Monster Gear is labeled as a “hunting action” game, it is a little more on the simpler side as far as controls go, with three basic commands of “Basic Attack,” “Guard,” and “Special Attack”. There are five different types of weapons to choose from.


Players can team up with up to four players to take on missions, but these missions are nowhere near as long as some of the ones seen in Monster Hunter games, as they’re made to be enjoyed in quick 5 minute sessions of taking on monsters, and sometimes fierce fights against giant enemies.


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Battles are done in real-time, so things such as speed and damage will have an impact, and you’ll want to pick out the weapons that suit your play style. The “Basic Attacks” are the fundamentals of combat, as they become combos that increase in damage after multiple uses.


“Special Attacks” bring out special effects that match the characteristics of the weapon. For example, hammers will make it easier to make enemies faint, while bows can shoot poison arrows. There are also Magic Attacks that involve mixing two types of attacks together.


Additionally, if you use a Special Attack after doing a combo of continuous Basic Attacks, it’ll increase the effect of your Special Attack, but they say that the timing is tough, and it gives you a rewarding feeling when you get it down.


Monster Gear will launch in Japan sometime in May for Android and iPhone.

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