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Monster Girl Action Game Hakoniwa Explorer Plus Is Journeying Onto the Switch

Hakoniwa Explorers Plus

During the Indie Live Expo 2020 stream, PLAYISM and suxamethonium announced that the highly-rated, voxel action game Hakoniwa Explorer Plus is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The game was originally released for PCs and details your adventurer’s travels in a world full of monster girls.

At first an unemployed drifter, the protagonist gradually builds up their fame through their adventures. In towns, you’re able to talk to villagers to gain information about upcoming dungeons. As you journey onward and defeat the dungeons, your world map will open up and you’ll have a larger area to explore. Just how you proceed and how you deal with the monster girls is up to you, as you’re able to equip a variety of weapons, armor, and accessories in order to complete the task.

You can check out the game’s Nintendo Switch version trailer below:

The eShop version of the game will support Japanese, English, and Simplified Chinese, like the Steam version of the game, and it will cost 1,200 yen on the Japanese eShop. Currently, it is unknown if the game will be officially released in the Western regions’ eShops.

Hakoniwa Explorer Plus will release for the Nintendo Switch on June 18, 2020 via the Japanese eShop. It is available worldwide on PCs via Steam.

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