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Monster Hunter 4 To Get A Manga Anthology


There are some who follow regular manga faithfully. And then, there’s all that additional stuff that companies like Capcom put out around their big launches, like this Monster Hunter 4 manga.


Collecting all of them can be a chore—not least because Japanese weekly comics like Comic Gan Gan are mammoth sized pulp pieces. So, some people wait for them to be properly collected, annotated and then compiled into a nice little book.


That’s what we’ve got here with the Monster Hunter 4 Original Anthology. The book will feature a special front cover from Fairy Tail mangaka Mashima Hiro and collects pieces from serializations such as Monster Hunter EPIC and other artists who’ve done work on Monster Hunter manga such as Yamamoto Susumu’s Monster Hunter Flash Hunter.


Monster Hunter 4 Original Anthology will be available from December 10th.