mh4-uniqlo-01 Capcom set up a crossover with Monster Hunter 4 and Japanese fashion brand Uniqlo. The Nintendo 3DS game will get two missions where you can earn Uniqlo costumes.


In Uniqlo Endless Challenge, players will fight Tigrex and Tigrex side species. Players can earn Uniqlo Tickets to get the Universe Cosmos sword and Uniqlo armor for their hunter.


The Uniqlo In Search of an Idea mission has 12 types of Felynes and Melynx to takedown. Your reward here are Monqlo Tickets which can get you a Monqlo Cat Battle and a Monqlo Cat Series armor.


Uniqlo Endless Challenge

mh4-uniqlo-02 mh4-uniqlo-03 mh4-uniqlo-04


Uniqlo In Search of an Idea

mh4-uniqlo-05 mh4-uniqlo-06


Both Monster Hunter 4 quests will be downloadable on July 25.

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