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Monster Hunter 4 Has A New Arctic Map With Blizzards To Hinder You


This week’s Famitsu magazine introduces a new arctic map for Monster Hunter 4. Unlike previous snowy maps, this one will be in set in a completely frozen region, covered in glaciers and massive bodies of water.


The new map is known as the Frozen Sea. Unlike the Tundra in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, the Frozen Sea is centered around freezing water and the action will take place on the surrounding glaciers. The map is completely covered in ice, where all living things fight for survival.


The Frozen Sea has many other characteristics that define its arctic features; from blizzards that will be giving you a tough time traveling, to beautiful auroras that span across the cold skies. There will also be plenty of frozen cave areas, full of icicles and ice-based monsters.


Lagombi, the Fanged Beast Species that resembles a mixture of a rabbit, bear and koala, makes a return as one of the main monsters of the Frozen Sea map. A new amphibious-type smaller monster, known as Skuagills will also be appearing in the Frozen Sea.  Famitsu also introduces a flying beetle-type monster, called Alceltas. Unlike other insect monsters, this one is several times larger than the hunters and will viciously attack from above.


Monster Hunter 4 is slated to be released this Summer in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.


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