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Monster Hunter 4 Makes You Macho, Lets You Jump Over Mountains



Yeah, you’re not seeing things, Capcom is still promoting Monster Hunter 4 across Japan. And they’re doing so with the twist of catering to some of Japan’s special prefectures’ audiences by featuring either the idols, famous characters or locales that 10 of Japan’s prefectures are known for.



Monster Hunter 4, for instance, has been known to put hair on your chest. Nagano certainly believes it, having the game promoted alongside their pro-wrestling Lucha libres.



Shizuoka, on the other hand, gets a “Let’s Jump over Mt Fuji” which features girl band Oranche. There’s a full suite of 10 of these special videos for places such as Kagoshima, Hiroshima and more. You can check them out on Capcom’s YouTube channel.



As reported in the past, Monster Hunter 4 has shipped 4 million copies in Japan alone so far. Capcom are continuing to release free DLC for the game, some of it featuring new costumes and weapons based on popular franchises such as One Piece.