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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Gives Us A Tour Of The Newer Old Desert Map



Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate director Kaname Fujioka and producer Ryozo Tsujimoto previously talked about the new story in the upcoming game. In the second video in their ongoing series about new features, they show off the new and improved Old Desert.



The video starts out with a look at the Old Desert map, which Capcom wants players to be able to relive in a new and improved form with added dunes that can be used for jumping attacks. While most of the areas are still the same, there are a number of additions, including access to some spots that weren’t previously available throughout the map to fit with Monster Hunter 4.


At the 2:45 mark in the video, you might be able to see a familiar place with Felynes, which the developers decided to keep as close as possible to the original. However, Tsujimoto and Fujioka mention that its new and improved look will make it feel completely new once you get to check it out for yourself.


The area they show at the 4:00 mark is noticeably different from the original, where Fujioka points out that the water that was there is now dried up, and now there’s plenty of flowing sand, instead. There are little platforms that you can jump on as well.


Next, they show the oasis area, where monsters often go to rest after taking a beating. Fujioka demonstrates how you’ll now be able to use the trees to jump from tree to tree, or use to land some jump attacks.


The director also shares some of his past memories at 6:00, mentioning that he has fond memories of taking on Monoblos in that closed off area.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is slated for release in Japan on October 11, 2014, and in the West in early 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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