Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s Japanese release is just a month away, and Capcom shared the latest look at the game during their online program featuring series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and a couple comedians who are also big Monster Hunter fans.



Before getting into the action, at 1:10:55 we get a closer look at the new Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate limited edition New Nintendo 3DS XL, and it looks like it has a nice shiny metallic finish to it.


At the 1:21:45 mark of the video, we get a first look at Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s flagship monster, Serlegios, in action. It looks to be quite active and you can immediately notice how it puts its powerful feet and talons to use.


We get to see some more footage starting at 1:31:45, where the party takes on a trial run quest starting with a fight against a Subspecies variant of the shark-like Zamtrios. The four Hunters actually do a pretty good job taking it down with jump attacks and timely stuns.


However, Zamtrios is known for its ability to fill itself with fluid to swell up to a massive size, roll over and jump around, giving players quite a hard time dealing with it. Things get especially tougher for the four after Zamtrios changes areas.


After setting a couple Shock Traps, they’re able to do enough damage to take out the Zamtrios Subspecies, who even managed to incapacitate the producer, but the group took home the win at the end when they encounter the beast in the oasis area.


Once they finish the fight, the staff members get a taste of some mysterious real-life Monster Hunter “Energy Drinks,” and it seems to have an extremely sour taste, or according to Tsujimoto, a very spicy flavor.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is slated for release in Japan on October 11, 2014, and in the West in early 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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